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If you arrived at this website, you already know how important your living and working environment is to the way you feel every day. I’m Tracy Miller, certified feng shui professional, and I am here to assist you in bringing your home and business environment into alignment with your most desired goals.

Whether you are looking for a home or a business consultation,  you’ve come to the right place. I have been providing feng shui services since 1997 and I am ready to serve you with the knowledge and level of service that you would expect from an experienced professional.

Thanks for visiting Gazelle Feng Shui and best wishes on your continuing journey to a happy, healthy, and balanced  life.

Tracy Miller

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Elaine Quick is our Raffle Winner!

Ms. Elaine Quick won the Gazelle Feng Shui raffle for a free two-hour consultation on November 19th! Congratulations, Elaine.

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The Dual Nature of Water

THE DUAL NATURE OF WATER Have you ever stopped to think about the energy of water? Of course, in feng shui we think about this a lot. Whether we’re viewing an oceanscape, standing on the banks of a rushing river, picnicking near a babbling brook, rowing on a mirrored lake, or looking at a small […]

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Feng Shui Summer Travel Kit

It’s August and I don’t think anybody feels like doing anything this month except vacationing. The weather is hot and humid, we are eye-balling September when the energetic fall cycle begins (as well as the school cycle) and we know we’re going to need our wits about us for that. Our summer days are winding […]

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Yes, Actually, I Do Do Windows

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon standing on a ladder washing windows outside the house. It’s amazing how dirty windows can get without our really noticing it. Suddenly I realized that it couldn’t be quite that foggy outside every day. It was time to get out the ammonia and squeegie. This morning, life […]

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Natural Living – Foods that Heal

Foods that Heal is the topic of this episode of Natural Living. Dr. Zhenzhen Zhang , doctor of Chinese medicine, discusses how the correct foods can bring about natural healing in relation to many maladies including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other chronic conditions. She also discusses the basic theory behind Chinese medicine and demonstrates how to cook […]

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The Symbol “Yi”: Increasing

Yesterday, the Chinese book of philosophy, the I Ching, beckoned to me from the shelf. Taoist Master Alfred Huang wrote the translation that I like the best and upon opening the book to the energy symbol “Yi” (representing Increase) there was some information I’d like to share with our readers today. The first thing I […]

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Being “For” Something

Have you ever noticed that when you hear about the “War on _____” (fill in the blank) there’s rarely any significant progress made toward the goal. Whether it’s the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Crime, the War on Whatever, it seems that ironically, things often get worse. I have found that energy […]

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